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Ultimate Edge | Our Lenses

Digital Freeform technology enables finer and more accurate control of lens powers when compared with conventional surfacing techniques.

 This revolutionary process allows progressive lenses to achieve wider fields visual zones with optimum vision in the far, intermediate and near regions as well as many additional features such as multiple corridor lengths and superior optical quality.

As the designs are personalised they let your clients experience new levels of clear comfortable vision.

 Ultimate Edge have worked closely with two of the industries leading progressive lens manufacturers to bring you two ranges of premium digital freeform multifocal lenses.

Both designs have been tried and tested with great success.

 We are so confident in these products that we offer the reassurance of the Ultimate Edge non-tolerance guarantee and a warranty on all multi-coated products

Ultimate HD Life

Offers clear natural vision at an extremely competitive price point. Your clients can expect to experience a level of comfort and confidence normally associated with a far more expensive product thanks to its advanced freeform design.

Ultimate HD Life is available in long and short corridor versions (14mm and 19mm fitting heights respectively) and in a host of popular material and coating options.

Ultimate HD Advantage

A personalised, back-  surface premium progressive lens. Optimised to be the true switch solution varifocal with an advanced optical design, featuring sharp and wide visual zones.

When choosing the Ultimate HD Advantage, your clients can expect a high degree of wearer comfort due to enlarged reading zones and significant reductions in distortion levels.

Ultimate HD Advantage is available in 2 corridor lengths (16mm and 18mm fitting heights) and in a comprehensive choice of materials and coatings.

Ultimate HD Elite

Is our brand new top of our range freeform progressive varifocal lens.

We have been co-operating very closely with Hoya and the result is an extremely advanced progressive lens based on an already popular and thoroughly proven premium freeform design. It takes progressive performance and wearer comfort as far as you can get without resorting to bespoke measurements such as pantoscopic tilt, back vertex distance and wrap angle.

We attribute the success of the Ultimate HD Life and the Ultimate HD Advantage progressive lenses to the fact they offer your clients a visual performance and comfort factor far in advance of what their price point would suggest. By working with Hoya and BBGR, this is exactly what we intended and these lenses have helped our customers up and down the country to either compete on price, or indeed, enjoy far greater margins than by choosing a branded product. The key factor, is that either way you are safe in the knowledge that you are still offering your client a very high quality proven product.

Now we introduce the new Ultimate HD Elite, we will continue this trend by providing you a progressive lens design far in advance of its price point and one that justifiably sits towards the very top end of the market.

Ultimate Sport Wrap Around Lenses

When clients demand clear natural vision in a wrap around frame then the Ultimate Sports range of 6 & 8 base lenses are the perfect choice. Featuring compensated decentered designs for more natural panoramic vision, our advanced Freeform technology helps minimise side distortions making them an ideal choice for today’s larger fashion frames as well.

Both single vision and progressive lenses feature complex back surface freeform algorithms specially designed for curved frames so you can be assured you will be offering your clients the very best but at a price they can afford.

Ultimate Sports Lenses are available in a wide range of tints and filters designed to effectively block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and enhance visual performance.

Ultimate Value Wrap Around Lenses

A limited range of single vision wrap lenses where costs have to be kept as low as possible yet still provide the best possible solution for your client. Ultimate Value Wrap Around Lenses are traditionally surfaced on a 6 or an 8 base and feature uncompensated powers making them an ideal choice when offering your clients sunglasses as a discounted 2nd pair. Ultimate Value Wrap Lenses can be tinted in various colours and coated to block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays ideal for the fashion conscientious Rx sunglass wearer.